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Posted by TheBoob - March 11th, 2010

As some of you have seen, I released a new game with Jazza called Doug Out. It takes place in the world of Karryon, and introduces some more characters in depth. If you haven't done so, go ahead and give it a play here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

This game was a very fun challange for myself as its not something i would normally create on my own, but with jazzas ideas and some insight from myself, i think its pretty fun. Now obviously there is nothing groundbreaking about the game itself, its just sorta 2 minigames mashed together, but after reading some of the comments im, quite surprised, and would love more insight if anyone wants to give it.

As far as i can tell, some of the biggest gripes about the game is that Doug is too fast. And that in addition, the game becomes too difficult at around level 15ish.

Now let me first say Jazza and I have put a lot of thought into the difficulty curve of the game, and it wasn't just like "hey, lets mash some numbers in and release it right now". But my question to you is although we did put a lot of thought into it, maybe our process wasn't correct. Here is some of the thought process.

The game starts so the day lasts 1 minute. As you play the game, each level adds 10 seconds to the day timer. So level 10 lasts 1 minute + 10seconds*9 (or 2:30 minutes). We initially made the game become *impossible* at around level 30, but after testing decided to make the game become "imposible" around level 10, we mainly did this for 2 reasons:
1 we thought no1 wants 5+ levels of EASY.
2 because level 30 means you have been playing the game for over and hour.

But apparently i was wrong, Ive read more than a handfull of comments saying its too hard at level 15+ and that it should be fixed.

So i guess my questions to the masses (for future reference): How long do you want to play a simple minigame to achieve a high score. I thought that people would want to play for 10-15 minutes, submit their score, and if they thought they could do better, they play again (heck, i thought it would be best if it lasted 3-5 minutes, but we didn't think we could fit it in that scope). Is a high score more about playing a quick game, or showing your dedication over a long period of time?

I do read all comments in game, and they help me learn! So keep them coming, even if they are super angry, ha!

Im going to write another little article about the making off, with more in depth analysis into the game itself, that will be comming soon.
My next game is another platformer and is REALLY close to done, its coming soon so keep your eyes open.

PS: There was an ACTUAL bug that caused money problems at level 20+ which is now removed.
PSS: Due to popular demand, Doug no longer takes ale from the keg if he is IMPOSSIBLE to hit: ie: if he does not stay up for long enough for McSweeny to even do the animation to hit him, he will not take your ale on that go.
PSSS: these changes may or may not actually be live on newgorunds at this moment, but will be shortly.

Posted by TheBoob - January 24th, 2010

So i know its a little old, and this is hardly front page worthy, but i had it, so might as well use it!

1: Every year i go out of town for new years, i try to do work and get so distracted by everything else that it never happens. For the first time ever, i felt like i couldn't wait to get back so i could continue work on my projects! it was an od feeling, work > vacation, thats hard to believe!? I just got back into town a few days ago, and am getting right back into the swing of things! Next post, I will provide updates with what im doing, and hopefully i can get some user feedback!

In addition i came up with some good new years resolutions *online versions*. One of which is spending more time trying to become part of the NG community. I want to try to put up more posts, favorite things i like, and be more helpfull in the forums. Mainly i want to try to become more of an online persona, so lets see how that goes!

2: So before i left for vacation, there was an artist who I liked, he got front page a few times, and I loved his work.


Most of his art is characters done on a solid textured background. Some of the backgrounds have stripes going across them. He always writes little notes about the charters on the side, things like an arrow pointing to the characters weapon and being like: pointy weapon for hurting (he would be much more creative, but you get the gist).

I know he got at least one front page back in Nov / Dec, but i cant seem to find him again!

I have no reason to find him, i just liked his art, and want to favorite some of it (my new years resolutions and all).

EDIT: Found him, thanks for the help!

Posted by TheBoob - November 1st, 2009

First off, i hope everyone had a great Halloween, mine was pretty boring (working on my game, no rest for the weak!) but I wanted to thank everyone who sent me links to their TimeFkuc pumpkins! it really made my day!

Check out the NG pumpkin thread if you havn't, the TF pumpkins are in there

I realized the other day, I'm not very good at promoting myself yet. Ive been working so hard on my next game, that I haven't really let anyone know what I'm doing! I know most people don't care, but my mom also reads this and probably wants to know, haha!

The next game I'm working on has gone through SOOO many changes, I've had a difficult time making up my mind, but I'm really happy with where its going. Its going to be another Tile based game, but i wanted to step out of my comfort zone a little, and making something new and bigger.

I have JUST finished the level editor and am going to start work on the campaign. I'm still not 100% sure if i am going to release the "level editor" in the game, as the campaign is just 1 level, and I'm guessing that i will spend 30+ hours just building the campaign (and even if I make it so people can save, and stuff) I am not sold on the idea of people wanting to spend 10+ hours working on a level.

I'll hold a "poll" as i get closer to see if I should polish and release the level editor, but right now I'm still 50/50.

Ok, it's getting long again! Last bit of news!

I'm working with a new artist for this game, he has never done game design before, but his art is ridiculously amazing, and I have a lot of plans for how to utilize his style and technique specifically for this game. Check it out and let him know you are looking forward to seeing his art in game!


again for the lazies:
Working on new game
not sure about level editor still
working with new artist, check him out!!! http://therealshadman.newgrounds.com/

Posted by TheBoob - September 26th, 2009

So i have been thinking a lot about this recently, and have had trouble coming up with a conclusion.

I recently released a game with Edmund McMillen called Time Kfuc. From the begining we had this awsome idea about making user created levels, and the ability to browse through them with a "mini portal". We branched off this idea a lot with things like Enter the Unknown, and the ability to vote.

Ultimately, im very happy with how it came out, and i think in the case of Time Fkcu it works out REALLY well.

I have read 100% of the reveiws of the game, and those have helped me a lot in planning for my next game, but one thing that is often overlooked and just not reviewed often is the online levels.

So my question: Is it worth the development time to make a level editor, and the ability to browse through those levels, or is my time better spent making a more involved story, more game elements, or even just polishing everything a little more.

Now obviously no1 is going to say "the level editor is a horrible idea" but i think it is important to spend your time wisely, and that's exactly what i want to do.

TL;DR: In my next game, should i spend the timet o make a level editor and browsable levels, or is my time better spent making a "better" campaign?

All insight is much apreciated!

PS. Someone wrote a really long comment, and i was going to respond to it, and hit the delete button by axadent, im so sorry! you had a lot of good points, and i did want to address them, my bad!

Posted by TheBoob - September 18th, 2009

So i thought i would take the time to explain the raiting systems in Time Kcuf and how they work, now that i have some free time since all the bugs are fixed (oh gosh, i probably should say that).

I just did a MAJOR overhaul to how the system really works, and i will try to give you a brief understanding of it so that you can make levels and vote accordingly!

The two current ways to browse levels is
1: explore
a: Newest, the most recent submissions, anything with a Fun rating of *X* or lower doesn't get displayed
b: Most difficult, the most Difficult, must have *X* amount of votes to apear on this list
c: Most fun, the most Fun, must have *X* amount of votes to apear on this list

Those are all pretty self explanatory, where it gets interesting is the
2: enter the unknown
This picks 33 maps out of the database, and gives them to you in a "campaign style".

It picks maps from a wide range of difficulty, and aranges them from easiest to hardest. So just like a campaign, it starts off easy, and will get harder by the end.

To apear in an unknown campaign the map must have a minimum Fun raiting of *X*.

So what does this mean for you guys? how should you vote? what does the voting do?

If you think a level is lame, ie: you walk 3 steps, and get to the exit, vote low on fun, and no one will have to suffer through that level again!

If a level is fun, and you want MORE people to play it, then vote high on th fun, and it will get picked more often for campains!

If a level is too easy, vote low on difficulty so it apears at the start of a campain.

If a level is real hard, vote high, and it will apear at the end of the campain.

Remember, the campaigns are only as good as the maps YOU guys make. and even with the best maps out there, if no1 is voting correctly, they wont get showcased!

I will probably be working on fine tuning and changing this system over the comming weeks but this basic structure will remain the same!

i know i know, TL:DR, haha

Posted by TheBoob - September 16th, 2009

Well, the last 40 hours or so, have been hell. But all the work aside im so exited to finaly have this game up. More than anything im exited to see what you guys think!

If you find any bugs, let me know as after an hour or so break, ima get back to bug smashing like crazy!

Posted by TheBoob - August 20th, 2009

So ive been around on newgrounds for a long time now, all the while watching videos, and following what Tom is doing. And now its time for me to start my own story line!

Stay tuned, fun stuff is coming!