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Comments (19)

whats here? i know you don't mean Time Fuck cause that game is not in teh portalz.


well where the hell are that damned medals at least?

gosh, you seem so needy.
Everything should be up and running!

Submitting a map doesn't work

Efff yeah! finally..! Was so looking forward to this game +D Unique look, great game sense and fresh levels with twisted puzzles.. extremely good level design. Though I did come acorss two bugs.. forgot which level is the first bug, but the second one .. I collected both keys on the left and was jumping to the other side to collect the other two.. while jumping I got stuck in a wall and died ... strangely the game kept on running without the player reappearing to try again. Here is the screen cap of that specific level <a href="http://img12.imageshack.us/i/bugyy.jpg/">http://img12.imageshack.us/i/bugyy.jp g/</a> thanks for the awesome game though !


Uploading a fix that should fix this bug, if you still get it, please let me know.

It dosent load at all. Literally at all. and I do got a good pc. 5.8 mb are you serious Ive been waiting for like 10 minutes now. More like 26 mb. what is up with your preloader

hmmm, i wish i could give you more information man, but unfortunatly i havn't heard anything about bugs like this. If you have any more details send me a PM

It's fun.
I used all of my sleeps and now I'm stuck...

Partway through the game, the screen went black, though the sounds that resulted from pressing arrow keys suggested I could still play the game. I don't think this is a bug - I think it happened because it was under judgement then switched out of that phase - but thought I'd mention it in case it actually is a bug.

By the way, the game's kick-ass. Fantastic job.

Thanks for the heads up, we are uploading a fix to this right now.

nice work, love the mechanics and the engine has a solid feel, how long have you been working on it?

on and off for about 3 months, probably could have been done a lot faster, but Edmund and I wanted to take the casual aproach, and really feel out every single descision we made. And i think it really shows.

When passing from lvl 21 to 22 you see the medal but the whole game screen dissapears... It just solves refreshing after all, but good to know so no1 gives bad votes based on it, amazing game, grats guys

Im pretty confident i have fixed that bug, try refreshing your browser and you shouldn't have problems with it anymore

This game will keep me up all night tonight... the glitch on lvl 22 is still there...I thought it was apart of the game -- a metaphor or something (lol). Will there be a walkthrough at some point?

Make sure to refresh to get rid of the black screen (and white screen error). They have been fixed.
Really, i dont think a walkthrough is needed, and a lot of the REAL challanges are the GOOD user created levels.

congrats on your game!

Yeah the medal for submitting a map wasnt given to me!

Too many shitty maps were submitted, that medal has been removed

It must just be my computer but the start button is not working at all, the only thing that worked on the title screen when I clicked it was 'Enter The Unknown'. And then it died after one level. Maybe this is some sort of insightful commentary on life and is the objective of the game? Couldn't be though because everyone's going on about how cool this game is. Anyways I've tried refreshing the browser 4 times and it just doesn't work =( oh well. Congrats on making a game I can only assume is awesome, from the level I played I thought it looked really cool. Hope either this 'bug' is fixed or my computer starts working fine =P

Well could u at least remove it from the people that have it because its makin me jealous.

Well Memories is now gone!

But people still have it

Please link me to someone that has it, ive looked and i believe it was TOTALY taken out. If it isn't, i will make sure to consult the NG staff about it :)

You guys have created something amazing.

a nice work indeed i found it really hard to beat...
cool story cool idea