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i guess better but.

i guess it is better now that it is shorter, but make it EVEN shorter, i sat there for so long like, god, when is this movie going to start, but to my disapointment, only text kept comming.

Mushroom-Clock responds:

I have to build up the drama.

wow, actualy like this

i cant say it was very origional (as far as getting sticks killed goes) but i thought the artowrk and animation was great. the one thing i thought that could have added to this movie was if you had some sorta background, instead of just the grey, that way you would be able to see him moving more. all round good job


well i liked your poem but i think newgrounds is the last place it should be, i dont know what review i should give you cause i think if you want to post on newgrounds you should at least put it to animation or a story or at least some characters or something. good try man

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I dont really like clocks that much, but...

i thought this game was fairly well made, you seemed to know what you were doing as far as actionscripting is concerned and the graphics matched up with all the actions pretty well. just a note to whoever may want to know, i had the same problem with the linkage of the sounds and how it wouldn't let my preloader load untill all the sounds are loaded but i figure out how to fix it. if you just make a scene in the end of your movie, and put all the sounds in (like on the frame) one sound per layer, and then under the linkage unclick "store in first frame" (or whatever it says) it will load up the first frame with your preloader right away without having all the sounds cluttered there. i asume this is why the game loads how it does, otherwise im sorry for writing all this. good game guys.

Pretty good, but...

This game was pretty well made, but maybe you should think about using it as a preloader to a movie or advanced game of yours. deffenatly enjoyed it though

good start

like the last guy said i would try to make the letters random, i think it would be hard to set the keypress random, but i would be down to work on it with you if its something you seriously wanna persue. the other idea is make the guy fall/scrue up if you hit the wrong key, that way you cant just mash the keys. very good idea, and if you made it more intense (multiple options) or (faster animations/action) could be pretty cool, very good first attempt.

Work work work

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