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As some of you have seen, I released a new game with Jazza called Doug Out. It takes place in the world of Karryon, and introduces some more characters in depth. If you haven't done so, go ahead and give it a play here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

This game was a very fun challange for myself as its not something i would normally create on my own, but with jazzas ideas and some insight from myself, i think its pretty fun. Now obviously there is nothing groundbreaking about the game itself, its just sorta 2 minigames mashed together, but after reading some of the comments im, quite surprised, and would love more insight if anyone wants to give it.

As far as i can tell, some of the biggest gripes about the game is that Doug is too fast. And that in addition, the game becomes too difficult at around level 15ish.

Now let me first say Jazza and I have put a lot of thought into the difficulty curve of the game, and it wasn't just like "hey, lets mash some numbers in and release it right now". But my question to you is although we did put a lot of thought into it, maybe our process wasn't correct. Here is some of the thought process.

The game starts so the day lasts 1 minute. As you play the game, each level adds 10 seconds to the day timer. So level 10 lasts 1 minute + 10seconds*9 (or 2:30 minutes). We initially made the game become *impossible* at around level 30, but after testing decided to make the game become "imposible" around level 10, we mainly did this for 2 reasons:
1 we thought no1 wants 5+ levels of EASY.
2 because level 30 means you have been playing the game for over and hour.

But apparently i was wrong, Ive read more than a handfull of comments saying its too hard at level 15+ and that it should be fixed.

So i guess my questions to the masses (for future reference): How long do you want to play a simple minigame to achieve a high score. I thought that people would want to play for 10-15 minutes, submit their score, and if they thought they could do better, they play again (heck, i thought it would be best if it lasted 3-5 minutes, but we didn't think we could fit it in that scope). Is a high score more about playing a quick game, or showing your dedication over a long period of time?

I do read all comments in game, and they help me learn! So keep them coming, even if they are super angry, ha!

Im going to write another little article about the making off, with more in depth analysis into the game itself, that will be comming soon.
My next game is another platformer and is REALLY close to done, its coming soon so keep your eyes open.

PS: There was an ACTUAL bug that caused money problems at level 20+ which is now removed.
PSS: Due to popular demand, Doug no longer takes ale from the keg if he is IMPOSSIBLE to hit: ie: if he does not stay up for long enough for McSweeny to even do the animation to hit him, he will not take your ale on that go.
PSSS: these changes may or may not actually be live on newgorunds at this moment, but will be shortly.

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