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Time Fcuk rating system

Posted by TheBoob - September 18th, 2009

So i thought i would take the time to explain the raiting systems in Time Kcuf and how they work, now that i have some free time since all the bugs are fixed (oh gosh, i probably should say that).

I just did a MAJOR overhaul to how the system really works, and i will try to give you a brief understanding of it so that you can make levels and vote accordingly!

The two current ways to browse levels is
1: explore
a: Newest, the most recent submissions, anything with a Fun rating of *X* or lower doesn't get displayed
b: Most difficult, the most Difficult, must have *X* amount of votes to apear on this list
c: Most fun, the most Fun, must have *X* amount of votes to apear on this list

Those are all pretty self explanatory, where it gets interesting is the
2: enter the unknown
This picks 33 maps out of the database, and gives them to you in a "campaign style".

It picks maps from a wide range of difficulty, and aranges them from easiest to hardest. So just like a campaign, it starts off easy, and will get harder by the end.

To apear in an unknown campaign the map must have a minimum Fun raiting of *X*.

So what does this mean for you guys? how should you vote? what does the voting do?

If you think a level is lame, ie: you walk 3 steps, and get to the exit, vote low on fun, and no one will have to suffer through that level again!

If a level is fun, and you want MORE people to play it, then vote high on th fun, and it will get picked more often for campains!

If a level is too easy, vote low on difficulty so it apears at the start of a campain.

If a level is real hard, vote high, and it will apear at the end of the campain.

Remember, the campaigns are only as good as the maps YOU guys make. and even with the best maps out there, if no1 is voting correctly, they wont get showcased!

I will probably be working on fine tuning and changing this system over the comming weeks but this basic structure will remain the same!

i know i know, TL:DR, haha

Comments (7)

You misspelled "rating" in the title. After having read your post I think I need to rethink how I vote on the user-made levels. I thank you for the advice.

Please enjoy the remainder of your twenty-four hour span of time. - (Have a nice day)


if anybody wants to play my level, it's tracking number is 1524.

From just looking at your website, I wouldn't have guessed you were a proper game programmer.

HA, well im actualy a web designer, but i dont have a website (other than my company one). I realized this like 10 hours before launch, so i just put up that wordpress, found a blue theme, and will stick to it for now.

Maybe once i have more time (if the bugs ever stop showing up) ill come up with a custom theme for my new site, but for now im happy with it being so simple, haha

I thought i would leave a comment here instead of reviewing something ive only seen a preview of myself.

I seem not to be able to play the game... Theres a preloader, and then blackness. This is the first game this has happened to, do i need any plugin updates for this specific game?

that game is awesome (it took me 4 days longer to beat than a usual flash game wich is....4 days...)

I read most of it. :) I think it's a great system and concept for still playing the game, though. It really makes the game eternal and interactive. And creative. GREAT WORK :D