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Working Hard

Posted by TheBoob - November 1st, 2009

First off, i hope everyone had a great Halloween, mine was pretty boring (working on my game, no rest for the weak!) but I wanted to thank everyone who sent me links to their TimeFkuc pumpkins! it really made my day!

Check out the NG pumpkin thread if you havn't, the TF pumpkins are in there

I realized the other day, I'm not very good at promoting myself yet. Ive been working so hard on my next game, that I haven't really let anyone know what I'm doing! I know most people don't care, but my mom also reads this and probably wants to know, haha!

The next game I'm working on has gone through SOOO many changes, I've had a difficult time making up my mind, but I'm really happy with where its going. Its going to be another Tile based game, but i wanted to step out of my comfort zone a little, and making something new and bigger.

I have JUST finished the level editor and am going to start work on the campaign. I'm still not 100% sure if i am going to release the "level editor" in the game, as the campaign is just 1 level, and I'm guessing that i will spend 30+ hours just building the campaign (and even if I make it so people can save, and stuff) I am not sold on the idea of people wanting to spend 10+ hours working on a level.

I'll hold a "poll" as i get closer to see if I should polish and release the level editor, but right now I'm still 50/50.

Ok, it's getting long again! Last bit of news!

I'm working with a new artist for this game, he has never done game design before, but his art is ridiculously amazing, and I have a lot of plans for how to utilize his style and technique specifically for this game. Check it out and let him know you are looking forward to seeing his art in game!


again for the lazies:
Working on new game
not sure about level editor still
working with new artist, check him out!!! http://therealshadman.newgrounds.com/

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I didn't do much for Halloween either, But good luck with your game

Next year my friend... next year

Yeah, I've seen a couple of TheRealShadman's works. He's a wonderful artist. Hope your new game is turns out great.

Yeah, his art is great, im really exited to get rid of my craptastic placeholder art and put in some of his stuff, haha

Time Fcuk was amazing! I got the good ending, but is there a chance maybe you and Edmund will make a sequel to it? Would be awesome!

no comment

So what exactly is this about?

When im ready to release more info, it will be up here, still putting it all together, so i dont wanna release anything that isn't 100% yet

the campaign is just 1 level sounds weird. Is it like a huge place, like an exploration game?

Yes, The game is a big exploration with in world puzzles (unlike TF where its specific challange to beat the leve).

Im really exited with how its comming, ill post more info once im more complete

The whole game is ONE LEVEL? Now that sounds innovative, can't wait.

Well, its not THAT innovative, just think like metroid (well i guess that uses multiple areas) or newgrounds own William and Sly (wish i could link).

But i think i am doing a few inovative things with the map that will make it very intersting.

My main challange in this game is finding a unique / intersting way of telling a story.

did you like my time fcuk pumpkin?

I loved all TF pumpkins, and yours was no exception :)

Wow man thanks for mentioning me, its a blast working with you, youre very friendly and helpful and I am trying my best!

Games like yours don't require level editors. I think you'll do what you think is right :D

lets hope so, haha

holy shit shadman you lucky bugger!

Isn't it funny how i think im lucky, Shadmans art is badass, and this game is going to really showcase it well! Not to mention Shadman works like a machine! which means he is one of few that can keep up with me :)

Hey man, I think you should still download the (unreal) engine if you are interested in it. I have none of the specs and it runs smooth as smooth things

I already did, i just thought it was crazy, 8gigs of ram is a lot, i only have 4. Hopefully i can learn a thing or two :)

So is the game going to be something like Kyntt Stories or are you going to slap your own definition of "exploration" onto your new game?

I personally hope to see some new game mechanics that haven't been tried out before. Don't disappoint me! >:(

Kyntt is a perfect example of the game genre I am trying to create.

As a whole the game will be pretty simple, but I feel i am using some pretty interesting techniques to both tell the story well and also create a fun experience.

PS i love your maps, very difficult but well thought out :)

The only reservations I have with what you said is. While a Knytt clone might be an innovative game if done in flash (Since most flash games are short play and forget experiences) I'd like to see you do something that really shows how creative you can be with your actionscripting and ideas, judging by the user you got signed up to supply the art, the art style should be as iconic as Time KFCU was.

In the comments you mentioned "I am not sold on the idea of people wanting to spend 10+ hours working on a level.". Which is correct. I wouldn't stay logged in Newgrounds for 10 hours or more in one sitting to create a level. But don't forget you can easily make a save feature for levels. So one could make the level in multiple sittings as opposed to one drawn out one. I'm sure if levels require THAT much dedication, then only good levels will be made... but you'd still need to figure out ways to cut down spam if you make a portal system as opposed to a "Player pack" after you have released the game.

As for my Time UFKC levels, to me, they are quite easy! I even uploaded a walkthrough of the tricky Cheetega maps to YouTube because my friends kept getting them in the Explore the Unknown campaign and blamed me for having to sleep those levels off, lol. Judging by the amount of views already from people searching for "Cheetega Walkthrough", maybe they are not as easy as I think they are. I have absolutely no idea why they are constantly showing up to spam the Most Difficult lists. :S

I suppose they are quite "elaborate" because I do some coding (Or scripting) myself in certain games. When you start thinking in the mentality of "Ifs, Dos, Whiles, Fors and Cases", I guess people see how to squeeze the most out of any editors provided, I guess it's a sixth sense or something.

Anyway can't wait to see this new game in action! Don't keep us waiting too long now!

You and shadders are gonna make a great team. Looking forward to what you two produce! :)

did you know that the time fcuk man was in 'a newgrounds christmas'? he is on the right in the photo and is shown to the right of blockhead and bitey's table- tennis game with turtle!